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Azeri Genocide committed by Armenians on 26th February 1992

Continue of Exclusive interview with Samuel A. Weems...

TDN: Many Turkish people are surprised to discover that American-Armenians have a great deal of hatred for Turks.  The same hatred is fueled in many Armenian communities such as in France.  What are the reasons for this?

WEEMS: My research shows that there is clearly an Armenian Mastermind Plan that generates Armenian hate around the world.  In my view the Armenian Church in Diaspora teaches this hate from birth.  A baby is not born to hate, they are taught to carry it.

TDN: Do you think it would be more effective to discuss these issues and problems with the Armenian Diaspora, or to deal with Armenian officials?

WEEMS: I believe that neither is going to work until the Armenian Church begins to practice the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Until that happens, Turkey will waste time and create false hope of ever negotiating with Armenia about
anything.  Armenia wants billions of American dollars and Turkish lands,
what is there to negotiate?  Armenia demanded those same things at the
Allied Peace Conference after World War I. Armenians demanded that the
Ottoman Government give them money and land based on their bogus one-sided massacre claims.  The Paris Peace conference heard the Armenians wild claims in 1919 and gave them zero-nothing!  Today, 83 years later, the
Armenians are demanding that Turkey give them billions of dollars and
Turkish lands.  Such a claim, in plain language, is crazy.  It was bogus at
the end of World War I, when the Paris Peace Conference rejected it, and it
is still bogus today!
I would hope that we will see a climate of change take place within Armenia in the near future, because I strongly believe that it is in Armenia's best interests to have peace.  There is something here that readers need to also know.  Not all of the Armenians who live in Armenia are siding with
Armenian terrorism, and I think that the hope of peace lies in those
people's hearts and minds.  I have already received letters from Armenians
who explained to me that they were not siding and approving Armenian
terrorism. They are plain folks and they do suffer from their country's
instability, its policies and Armenian American lobbyist actions.

TDN: If these issues continue to provoke nationalism both in Armenia and Turkey, and pose an obstacle to regional peace and stability, what role could the U.S. play?

WEEMS: Turks need to answer that question themselves.  How much do you know about Armenian Americans' lobbying activities that are going on in the U.S.A.?  Have you taken any action to defend the accusations directed at your country?  Have you written to anybody about it?  How will the U.S. Congress know you are right in your case, if you never show up and talk about it? Or at least, find the truth out for yourselves first and know that your ancestors did not commit such a crime.
Turkey has been a true friend of the United States since the great leader
of yours Ataturk established democracy in Turkey in 1923 and a strong NATO
ally since 1952.  I believe since then there has been an unbroken line of
friendship and partnership between Turkey and the U.S.

Then there are Armenian Americans.  But be careful; I'm talking about the
Diaspora here, not the ones who live, without a single doubt, happily and
peacefully in Turkey. The Diaspora have mooched, begged, whined, and
complained since 1918 to anyone who would listen.  First the Armenians
betrayed the Ottomans and joined the Russians.  Next, the Armenians
betrayed the Allies of World War I, cut a deal and joined the Soviet Union
without firing a shot.  Then the Armenians betrayed the Russians and joined
the Nazis.  Thereafter the Armenians tried to join the Allies, then went
back to the Russians.  You judge what kind of troublesome and back stabbing
nation that is.
There are some 65 to 70 million Turks.  There are only 2.7 million
Armenians left in Armenia.  It is a tiny land-locked country.  More than
one million Armenians escaped to Russia, Turkey, and other places during
the past ten years.  I do not believe that the United States has any
business with such unreliable, unpredictable bunch of people in such an
unstable territory of the world, which, over the next 20 years, will fade
away and become a footnote on the pages of history if left to themselves.

TDN: You have mentioned that Armenia is always in want of money.  Do you think the allegations of genocide are a way for Armenia to get territory and money from Turkey?

WEEMS: Yes, I do.  Just look at their activities, plans, announcements, statements of their media in Europe and the U.S.A. and you will see that it is one of the major goals of their lobbies outside Turkey.  They are actively and
tirelessly working on telling their tall tales all over the U.S. and
Europe.  Let me be crystal clear to your readers:  Armenians want an
acknowledgement, an apology, monetary reparations, and land, in that order.
  This 4-legged plan is written in every Armenian newspaper over the years
and it is no secret.  It seems rather strange to me that some, or most Turks,
do not know this at all, or do not seem to take it seriously.  This evil
Armenian plan looks serious to me, which is one of the reasons I wrote my
upcoming book:  "The secrets of a 'Christian' terrorist state".

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