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Azeri Genocide committed by Armenians on 26th February 1992

Continue of Exclusive interview with Samuel A. Weems...

TDN: Many U.S. State legislatures have passed laws that support the
"Armenian Genocide" allegations.  Do you think they are adequately informed about Armenian history?  Can such legislation have an effect on U.S. diplomacy in the future?  Do you think it could become a criminal act in the U.S. for making contrary remarks, just like in France where a well-known American professor was taken to court and fined?  What state laws might be applied if one denies an "Armenian genocide" took place?

WEEMS: Permit me to explain these "laws."  First of all not one of the U.S. state legislative acts has any power or force of law.  All these state
legislatures have passed are "Resolutions" that are worthless and have no
legal meaning!  These "Resolutions" express the thoughts of the elective
officials.  A law can be enforced while a resolution has no such power. 
These "Resolutions" are worthless and meaningless as far as actual laws are
Of course these elective state legislators are not informed, nor do they
know either Armenian or Turkish history.  These worthless resolutions are
brought to them by Armenian Americans who whine, beg and moan as they tell their tall tale of how the terrible Turk massacred 1.5 million of their
Christian forefathers in 1915.  Only a very few Turks ever try to present
the truth and they are not organized as the Armenians are.
The purpose of the state "resolutions" is to influence American foreign
policy to give Armenians more and more American taxpayer dollars.  They
pass their resolutions and claim a vast majority of Americans who support
them.  This is a lie, but it is effective!
What the French do could not happen in the United States.  The United
States Constitution guarantees total freedom of speech.  Congress shall
pass no law to take this basic freedom away from the people.  If any
American doesn't like any law he or she has the absolute right to speak out
to oppose it.

TDN: Do you think an atmosphere has been created in the U.S. where students and academics are reluctant to study these topics and think freely?

WEEMS: Yes, I do. No question about it!  Case in point, as I mentioned earlier, is an American professor's home was bombed because he spoke about the horror of Armenian actions.  I know a well-known professor of history who was afraid to do a specific research project while working on his Ph.D. degree because of fear of Armenian professors!  I know of other terrible Armenian American educators who pressure students and other professors in our colleges and universities.  Such conduct in my judgment is unacceptable and it clearly is un-American!

TDN: Last April President Bush stated 1.5 million Armenians were
annihilated.  How do you think this figure was determined?

WEEMS: Armenian Americans gave him this number!  Armenian Americans buy influence especially within the Republican Party.  Case in point: Elizabeth Dole, wife of former Senator Bob Dole, is running for the United States Senate in North Carolina.  She recently went to California for a large fund raising dinner sponsored by Armenian Americans.  Question:  What business does a gaggle of California Armenian Americans have in giving many tens of
thousands of dollars to a possible new United State Senator from North
This is typical Armenian American tactics and this is how they buy influence and access to important elected United States elective officials. The Turkish American community is not so organized, and don't do much organized grassroots action work like the Armenians do.  Thus the Armenians
have the playing field almost all to themselves and this is why Turks see
an American president making such dumb comments even if history proves such statements are untrue.

TDN: As an American how do you feel about the fact the textbooks of school children are incorporating biased, inaccurate, and distorted information about the history of Armenians?  Turks see this as brainwashing of American children, how would you describe it? How can this sort of misinformation be countered, in addition to attempts to tarnish the image of Turks, such as with the new Armenian-backed anti-Turkish film "Ararat"?

WEEMS: It is brainwashing and it is the work of Armenians!  You have to give the Armenians credit for boldness.  Consider the fact that Armenian members of the Turkish-Armenian Reconciliation Committee even wanted the children of Turkey to be taught that there was genocide as they do in a few states here in the United States.  To make certain the children were taught properly the Armenians wanted Turkish children to be tested on an annual basis to make certain they believed there was genocide.  The fact that Armenian Americans have secured approval from some state education departments and teach that the Turks committed the first genocide in the 20th century is one very good reason for the Turks to now stand up and tell truth and get involved.  If the Turks don't and the Armenian Americans get all 50 American states to teach this, the next generation of Americans will
believe this tall tale.  This will not help Turkey at all in the years to come!
I do not agree with this Armenian revision of history to fit their goals by teaching children to believe Armenian historical revision lies!  I don't think a vast majority of Americans will like it either once they find out what Armenians have done.  The Turks must produce their own films for the American market.  Again, the Turks must get organized and support, with their liras, the efforts of Turkish Americans if this great wrong is to be made right.

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