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Azeri Genocide committed by Armenians on 26th February 1992

    The author has uncovered several American and British eyewitnesses who saw the Armenians leave the Ottoman lands. The question every reader will have to answer is this: "Whom do you believe? American and British officials who saw the Armenians leave the country, or the wild tall tales made up by "Armenians" who still use the ever growing tall tale as an excuse to try to get free hand-outs from throughout the Christian world?"
    In this book the reader will discover that the author provides evidence, given by the Armenian historian, which proves that Armenians kept two sets of books. One to support their made up tall tale that 1.5 million of their people were massacred, and another set of books to count the same 1.5 million Armenians as refugees, so that more foreign handouts could be secured. One set of books to create pity, another to rake in the money unsuspecting Christians showered them with! The proof is that there simply cannot be 1.5 million Armenian people massacred, when the same 1.5 million Armenian people counted as refugees. One can not be dead and alive at the same time!
    This book reveals, in detail, how Armenia has double-dealt friends and neighbors throughout history, with threads of continuity reaching to this very day.
    This book provides the proof that Armenia committed far more terrorist acts than those Ottomans they accuse of committing.
    Armenians claim that they are fighting to reclaim their "ancient homeland." This book provides the evidence to prove that the lands Armenians claim as "ancient" has only been their home for less than 200 years, and that the Russians drove out and killed millions of Muslims and gave their "ancient homelands" to the Armenians. Why did the Russians do this? Both the Russians and Armenians were the same sort of Christians while the Muslims were "different"!
    This is a book that every American taxpayer must read!
    President Bush is attempting to build friendships throughout the Muslim world because of the extremist Muslim attacks on New York and Washington D.C. on September 11th. American taxpayers will discover how Armenian American Colonists are opposing the President’s War on Terrorism for their own selfish interests. This book presents facts that will cause every non-Armenian Christian in the United States to raise his or her voice to protest the continuation of the federal government support and giving taxpayer’s hard earned dollars as aid to Armenia, because Armenia is fighting the President and the United States War On Terrorism!
    Samuel A. Weems does not have a drop of Armenian, Azerbaijani, or Turkish blood in his veins. He is a life long Christian. He is very active in his church and has recently produced an excellent video titled "The Seven Churches of Revelation." He spent eight weeks in Turkey making this video and doing research on this book. He writes a regular newspaper column, and he has a great deal of experience in the political arena. He was elected one of one hundred delegates to rewrite his state’s constitution. He served as an elected member of his city council. He was also elected district attorney and a judge. While serving as a district attorney, he did extensive work in Washington D. C. to reform the nation’s welfare and prison systems.
    Samuel A. Weems’s ability to research and go directly to the heart of a problem, thanks to his legal background, is revealed in this excellent book that will cause every non-Armenian American to become alarmed by the actions and conduct of such fellow citizens.
    This author provides clear and convincing proof that Armenia is working to do things that endanger the safety and welfare of all citizens within the United States! This, in spite of the fact that U.S. citizens are keeping Armenia alive with their tax dollars!
    ARMENIA—THE GREAT DECEPTION—SECRETS OF A "CHRISTIAN" STATE is a must read for every American who seeks the truth and wants to know how their tax dollars and missionary church money is spent!


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