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Azeri Genocide committed by Armenians on 26th February 1992

Continue of Exclusive interview with Samuel A. Weems...

TDN: Why has Armenia received so much aid from the U.S. Government?

WEEMS: As I tried to explain in my previous answer, because the Armenians have been seeking aid from Christians, Churches and the U.S. Government dating back to 1918.  The Armenians play the Christian card and there is no one from the Muslim world to show that the Armenians are terrorists!

TDN: While the U.S. has been supporting Armenia, has Armenian foreign policy supported U.S. interests, especially in the region?

WEEMS: No.  The only Armenian foreign policy I know of is this: The number one export of Armenia is terrorism.  The number one import of Armenia is
foreign aid.  Neither of these two policies of Armenia is in the best
interests of the U.S.

TDN: Although Armenia is illegally occupying Azerbaijan territory, why hasn't the U.S. placed sanctions on Armenia as it did on Azerbaijan?

WEEMS: I am ashamed of my country's foreign policy on this question.  The real answer is; Armenia claims to be Christian like the United States while
Azerbaijan is Muslim.  There is a well-financed Armenian-American lobby as
compared to Muslim Azerbaijan that has no real lobby.  This is sad but true
and American Christians must become aware of how they are being fleeced and deceived by Armenians.  It is neither fair nor just.  This isn't Christian!

TDN: Do you think Armenians have territorial ambitions against Turkey?

WEEMS: There is no doubt that Armenia has territorial ambitions against Turkey.  Let me repeat that: There is absolutely no doubt that Armenia has
territorial ambitions against Turkey!  Why do I make such a direct and
absolute statement? Read the statements of the Armenian Reconciliation
Committee, read the statements of ANCA, The Armenian National Committee of America, read the statements that Armenian historians make about "Armenian Turkey" and the "Armenian Plateau" in their books.

TDN: What other countries have been giving aid to Armenia and why?

WEEMS: Russia and the European Christian nations.  Why? Because the Armenians have been playing the Christian vs. Muslim card so well since 1918.

TDN: Can you please describe religious tolerance in Armenia?

WEEMS: There is no religious tolerance in Armenia.  Well, that is unless one is a member of the Apostolic Church in Armenia.  The Church of Armenia practices Christianity as the Catholic Church did in the dark ages of history.  There is persecution of all Christians other than the Church of Armenia.  As in
the dark ages, the Armenian Church excommunicates Armenians and condemns their souls to hell if they take part in other branches of the Christian faith.  This is one of the problems of Armenians. They live in the dark ages of today's modern world.  Such religious attitude is not helpful to world peace.  In depth information is given on this subject in my upcoming book.

TDN: Can you compare how different faiths practice their religions in
Armenia and Turkey?

WEEMS: I spent eight weeks in Turkey in August and September producing the "Seven Churches of Revelation" video, as I described earlier.  I end my video by showing how Christianity is alive and well in Turkey.  There are more than 100 Christian churches in Istanbul alone.  I picked one to use as an example of all to show the total freedom of religion that everyone enjoys
in Turkey.  I visited several Armenian Churches and interviewed Armenian
Christians.  I did have experiences when I tried to visit inside of few
Armenian Churches and was not allowed to enter.  I have a total list of
every Armenian Church in the world.  There are several more Armenian
churches in Turkey than there are in Armenia.  In each interview I had with
Armenian Christians who live in Istanbul, people stated that they had total
religious freedom practicing what they believe.
Contrast the total religious freedom Armenians enjoy in Turkey to the fact
there is no religious freedom nor tolerance for Muslims or other branches
of Christianity other than their church in Armenia.
According to the United States State Department and religious sources I
reveal in my book, there is not one, let me repeat not one mosque allowed to operate on a regular basis in Armenia.
Another interesting fact is that almost 95% of Armenians are now ethnically pure today.  Clearly the Armenians learned well from the Nazis they served so faithfully during World War II. They are working to create an ethnically pure society.  History has proven over and over again that ethnic-pure societies are a threat to mankind. Case in point in modern history is
Hitler's Germany.  It is so sad that Armenians were total partners with the
Nazis of World War II, and they are attempting to recreate such days of
horror by their ethnic cleansing work of Muslim Azerbaijan.  The Armenians are not following the teachings of Christ with whom they claim to have followed and served for 1700 years.  Christ never approved of ethnic cleansing of Jews, Muslims or anyone else.  The Armenians are ethnic-cleansing even the other Christians in order to have a totally "Armenian Church" pure state!  They are creating their own brand of religion just as the Nazis did.

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