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Azeri Genocide committed by Armenians on 26th February 1992

Continue of Exclusive interview with Samuel A. Weems...

TDN: Your title  "Armenia: The Great Deception-Secrets of a 'Christian' Terrorist State" may make many people uneasy.  How did you decide this should be the title of your book?  Do you think Muslims have a point when they say that the press does not label terrorists who are Christian as "Christian terrorists" (such as Timothy McVeigh, the unabomber, and Serbs who committed genocide in Srebrenica) but never fail to add Muslim if the
terrorist is a Muslim?

WEEMS: This is not the title I used when I first began researching my book four years ago.  However, as I did my research in Washington, D.C., Paris, Rome, Moscow and London, I found reference after reference, hundreds of them, about activities from the lowest priests to the head of the Armenian
Church, and their direct involvement in what any Christian, or any fair
minded person for that matter, would consider terrorist acts.  The first
chapter on my book is also the last chapter I wrote and it is titled "Holy
Terror."  I explain in detail specific terrorist acts committed by officials of the Armenian Church as well as their political activity. For a quick example, there is this episode in an Armenian church in Adana, just before the Armenian rebellion in Adana in 1909, I believe, where the top Armenian priest sermons to a packed audience "Sell your coat on your back if you have to and buy guns with it."  Such open invitation to rebellion via armed violence so outrages an American priest, who happens to be there that day, he storms out of the church in anger!
I hope the book does make Christians uncomfortable!  American
Christians too often live in a comfort zone.  They must discover the great
truth for themselves.  I don't ask anyone to accept my book at face value. 
I ask only that American Christians read the book with an open mind and
then study for themselves to find truth about Armenia.
After Christians do their homework, and should they find for themselves that I am a truth teller, they must speak out and demand that their church and their government stop giving their hard-earned money to Armenia.  For any Christian to stand by and say nothing when truth is presented is to give
approval to Armenian terrorism.  It is just that simple!
Muslims have a valid complaint about the way the American media mentions "Muslim" to explain terrorism.  This isn't fair, nor is it just, because they don't use "Christian" to describe Christian terrorists.
In all fairness, I must note there is a major effort being made within the
United States after September 11th to make a big point of the fact that
Muslim extremists do not represent a vast majority of the Muslim world. 
Personally, based on my experiences with the 97%-98% Muslims of Turkey, I could not have been treated better even if I was a Christian.  All Americans can learn from the Turks and respect everyone regardless of their religion. 
The true test is what is in a person's heart: Give love and respect, and love
and respect come back to you.  I wish that Americans would follow this
Turkish example of "Peace at home and peace in the world."  It is such a
shame that Turkey's next door neighbor Armenia refuses to follow this great
teaching of "Peace at home and peace in the world" also.
At the risk of sounding self-serving, let me reiterate here, that every
Turk should read my book to understand how they were short changed by
Armenian propaganda over the years.  I am planning to send free copies of
my book to every Christian priest and minister in America, as my book sales
can finance such efforts.  I welcome help from Turkish business community
to expedite this project.  The faster I can pass this message along to
Church leaders in America, the faster attitudes in America will change to
see the Turkish side of the story, as well as distance the average American
from Armenian allegations.
As I have traveled the great nation of Turkey over this past four years I have been received warmly everywhere I went.  I appreciate the great heart of the
Turks.  My only regret is that I could not openly travel in Armenia, nor
could I receive cooperation in the Armenian national archives that are
located in America.  I believe that it is difficult to have peace in the
Near East because Armenia is such a closed society.  I hope this cold
attitude will change in the years to come and neighbors can become real
neighbors in the Near East.


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